The festival of unity and brotherhood: A devotee’s perspective

The air is filled with the sounds of celebration as we gather here for one of the most significant festivals for Hindus. As we do every year, we celebrate with joy and devotion. This festival is not just a religious event; it is a symbol of the unity and brotherhood that we, people of all religions, cherish and nurture together. Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindus come together to build and reinforce this sense of community. This unity is the true beauty of our nation. “My name is Romila, and I have traveled from Delhi to participate in this auspicious occasion,” a devotee said. “Mata Kheer Bhavani is our Kuldevi, our family deity, and we have come to seek her blessings after eleven or twelve years. Witnessing the harmony and devotion here has been a deeply moving experience.” It is essential to recognise and protect the brotherhood we have built. There are always external forces that seek to disrupt this unity, but we must remain vigilant and give a befitting reply to anyone who tries to harm our harmony. We are united in our resolve to keep this brotherhood alive. Here in India, Muslims and Hindus coexist peacefully and have done so for centuries. This bond is particularly strong in places like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jammu. We will not allow anyone to spoil this brotherhood. Muslims are our brothers. Whether in UP, Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir , or elsewhere, we share a bond that is unbreakable. Today, even as Kashmiri Pandits still live in the homes of others, their ties with the Muslim community remain strong. Our Hindu community has grown, and our bonds with our Muslim brothers are as strong as ever. People have traveled from Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, and other far-off places to be here, demonstrating our unity. Some Kashmiri Pandits who had to flee are now returning, and they find their homes maintained by their Muslim neighbors. This is a testament to the deep love and respect we have for each other. Also appeal to the authorities to facilitate the resettlement of the Hindu community here. We must live together in peace and harmony, as we always have. This unity is our strength, and we must cherish and preserve it. The festival is not just a celebration of faith but a celebration of our collective spirit and unity. We will continue to live together in harmony, respecting and loving each other. This brotherhood is our true beauty, and we must protect it against all odds. Let this festival be a reminder of our shared values and the strength of our unity.

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