J&K Honours General Rawat | Begins Phase II of Jhelum Riverfront | Releases North Kashmir Gazette

J&K Honours General Rawat | Begins Phase II of Jhelum Riverfront | Releases North Kashmir Gazette I believe today is a very holy day. Jammu and Kashmir administration decided to name a sports stadium in Baramulla after General Bipin Rawat as per the wish of the people there, said the Lieutenant Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha. Secondly, the second phase of work on Jhelum Riverfront has started. The 5km construction will be done at a cost of Rs 17.85 crore and 24 ghats will also be restored. And in the third programme, with the initiative of many young writers, the North Kashmir Gazette through travel guides, young writers and photographers have tried to highlight that part of the Kashmir Valley which was illuminated with the light of knowledge in ancient times and whose natural beauty made even the gods of heaven jealous. The story of that land should once again be conveyed to the world, LG said. I agree that this is a very commendable effort by Kashmir Writers Association. I convey my heartiest congratulations to every stakeholder associated with the travel guide publication, the Indian Army and Kashmir Writers Association. For a long time, the aspirations of North Kashmir were kept in chains. I remember going to Muchail for the first ‘Back to Village’ programme. In the year 2021, for the first time electricity was distributed through grid power to every home. Fulfillment of human aspirations and fulfillment of dreams is considered the biggest event of any society. Many such incidents have happened in the recent past. The wait for Bangus Valley is also over. Bangus and Gurez of Bandipora, included in the offbeat destinations of the country, are going through a new socio-economic transformation long after independence. Efforts are being made to lay a new foundation stone of development in North Kashmir with facilities. One more thing I would like to say is that the mindset here is that make a TRC (Temporary Residence Certificate) and tourism will start. I think now the people of Kashmir should come out of this. Tourism in the country and the world increases only where private investment has come. Where government investment comes, the process of tourism starts ending early, LG voiced. It is right for the government to create infrastructure and connectivity, but there was a time when private investment did not have the strength in the country. Now India has become the fifth largest economy in the world. We are going to become the third largest economy in the world in the coming four years. And because of the Prime Minister’s resolve to have a developed India by 2047, many citizens of the country have dreamed of it. I think there is a need to change the mindset in this direction. It is a very commendable effort that we have made to spread the story of positive change to the masses: New thinking is most essential for progress in society. You can talk as much as you can and do the work on the ground, but unless the thinking changes, the change remains incomplete and temporary, said the Lt Governor. Youth, writers and enlightened people have a huge role in changing this thinking. The diversity of Jammu and Kashmir is discussed in the entire country. You all have made a very important contribution in ensuring that tourism is not limited to cities but reaches villages. Homestay numbers are being made available to people through this travel guide. Information about cafes and other travel related information will also prove helpful in the traveller’s journey. Adequate wealth is present in all the districts due to which the entire area can be made a good tourist destination of Jammu and Kashmir. The government is also considering the possibilities of medical tourism. This is the second biotech park of the country being built in Handwara after Kathua district of Jammu. I hope that soon North Kashmir will get a new identity as a center of medicinal plants and biotech innovation because of this. I want to give one more suggestion The Writers Association should make a fresh effort by including Kashmiris. I consider the NEP (National Education Policy) , a precious gift. In this, people should get education in local languages. If you really want to be proud of your cultural heritage then it is most important that every youth here knows Kashmiri. But when society comes forward, I think things move forward faster. यादे-जानाँ भी अजब रूह-फ़ज़ा आती है साँस लेता हूँ तो जन्नत की हवा आती है मर्गे-नाकामे-मोहब्बत मेरी तक़्सीर मुआफ़ ज़ीस्त बन-बन के मेरे हक़ में क़ज़ा आती है नहीं मालूम वो ख़ुद हैं कि मोहब्बत उनकी पास ही से कोई बेताब सदा आती है (जिगर मुरादाबादी)

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