DC Kishtwar flags in First Batch of Indiahikes Trekkers for Exhilarating Brammah Valley Trek 2nd Trek to accompany Shree Hudh Mata Yatra-2023, two more scheduled in June, July months

KISHTWAR, JUNE 11: The district Administration Kishtwar, led by Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Devansh Yadav today flagged in a group of 16 trekkers led by Indiahikes-the India’s renowned trekking Organisation for the much-anticipated Brammah Valley trek, here at Tourist Reception Centre.
Chief Executive Officer, Kishtwar Development Authority, Inderjeet Singh Parihar and Wildlife Warden, Majid Basheer Mintoo were also present at the flag-in ceremony.
Interacting with the trekkers, the DC welcomed them to explore the adventure tourism potential of the district and assured full support of the district administration during the expedition.
He reiterated that the district administration is committed to facilitate and promote such extraordinary experiences, bolstering Kishtwar’s reputation as a premier adventure tourism destination.
The Deputy Commissioner also encouraged the Indiahike team to explore and promote more treks in the upcoming three more trekking expeditions scheduled on the 20th June ,29th June and in July by the team. He informed that the 2nd Trek would accompany Shree Hudh Mata Yatra-2023 on 20th June.
Recognizing the immense potential that Kishtwar holds for adventure tourism, the Deputy Commissioner emphasized the need to tap this opportunity and showcase the district’s natural beauty and thrilling experiences to trekkers and adventure enthusiasts.
Later, the trekker team left for their adventurous journey to explore the Brammah Valley in presence of senior officers of the district administration.
DC Kishtwar also appreciated the efforts of Wildlife Warden Majid Basheer Mintoo who has played major role in mobilising local youth for assisting India hikes team
The Brammah Valley trek in Kishtwar stands as a testament to the district’s allure, offering trekkers awe-inspiring vistas of four prominent peaks towering above 6,000 meters. The trek unveils a unique blend of dense forests, comprising coniferous and maple trees, with intermittent clearings that reveal breathtaking views of the surroundings.
The journey culminates at the picturesque campsite of Kiddar Maidan, nestled amidst the expansive grasslands, where the tranquil Nath River silently glides by. This idyllic campsite is a testament to the beauty and serenity of Kishtwar’s natural surroundings, earning it a well-deserved reputation as one of the most beautiful campsites on our treks.
While embracing nature’s grandeur, the Brammah Valley trek also provides trekkers with a unique cultural experience. Kishtwar’s rich heritage and distinct identity are evident in its temples, mosques, and the harmonious coexistence of these religious landmarks.
As trekkers traverse the trail, they encounter tiny villages perched on hillsides, showcasing architectural marvels rarely witnessed in modern times.
The Brammah Valley trek presents an opportunity for adventure enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a world of discovery and wonder. The limited spots available for this year’s trek make it an exclusive adventure worth exploring

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