Voice of local getting vocal in policies of the Govt: J&K LG Sinha on Mann ki Baat’s 100th episode

The ‘Medium is the message” is a phrase coined by the Canadian communication theorist Marshall McLuhan, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha applauding the 100th episode of Mann ki Baat programe..And the Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji has chosen the medium of radio which is closer to the hearts of the country and. in which family sentiments are attached. Keeping the minds of all the countrymen at the center, such a tradition of dialogue has been started by the PM, LG said. The world’s biggest communication experts consider it the most effective communication campaign in the history till date. It is true that dialogue is the soul of democracy, LG said. Dialogue is also the lifeline of social consciousness. This is the difference between a statesman and a common citizen that he communicates with people in general which also strengthens the foundation of democracy. And the participation of citizens in governance is also ensured. The voice of the common man can also be vocal in the policies of the government. I believe that through the programme of Mann ki Baat, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has established a two-way communication. And has made such a system in which the country and the world can know about the changes taking place in the society according to the aspirations of the common man of the society. The government was able to change the policies and now its effect is clearly visible. Hundred episodes of Mann ki Baat have been completed. Through this programme, PM has given a new direction and a new dimension to social and personal behavioural change. In the history of the world, there are only a few politicians who can be counted on the fingers, who are considered to be the most effective communicators, in that list, the name of PM Modi tops the list. He has his own style in doing the work of connecting words and deeds with his own distinctive style. Considering the citizens as the true masters of democracy, in fact, working ike a prime servant, he has kept the basic needs of a developing society, aspiring individuals and their understanding at the center and stressed such practical changes which help in their all-round development. Through the programme ‘Mann ki Baat’, the PM has strengthened education, women, children, farmers, teachers, intelligentsia people in one thread with the feeling of nation is paramount. There are many people in the society who are silently working for social change, LG said. By presenting them to the country, PM has done the work of awakening the creativity of crores of citizens. I understand that every citizen of the country feels this that ‘Mann ki Baat’ is not just a radio programme. Rather, it is also an inspiration to realise the resolutions of the society. Our PM is the father of original ideas and through the programme of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ the ideals shown by him are playing the role of nation building and national progress, LG remarked. I understand that during Amrit Kal, through the Mann ki Baat programme, a new system of conscious mind has been ensured in the society.

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