Tral goes online helping residents learn the modern way of living

For applying for birth certificates or documents or even driving licence needed in our daily activities, we get these online thanks to the government, said a Tral resident in Jammu and Kashmir. The government is helping people fit into the modern world. All the officials engaged in the online service, we are thankful for their efforts in Tral. The residents look forward to more such advancements coming from the government. Within a given timeframe people are getting documents and solutions, said another resident. Previously, we had to go to a bank and we had to bear the transportation cost. The online system is bringing relief to people. A big initiative of the online service is that we can do it ourselves as it is not a tough task. Whether it is an electricity bill, we can do the payments sitting at home. While filling forms, earlier huge lines used to form in the banks, poor people were not able to fill forms at all as to reach the bank involved spending money on transportation. Now all the departments have gone online and this is fruitful for us, said residents of Tral.

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