Surgery patients using Golden Card are getting free treatment in Budgam

My mother had an eye problem and we got her check up done. The doctor suggested surgery. Her surgery was done absolutely free as she had the Golden Card, said Chahat Ahmad Khan, the patient’s son. If we had done the surgery outside, we would have to bear expenses coming around Rs. 30-35000. In our hospital at Budgam we have been performing Golden Card surgeries for the last two-three years, said Dr Muhammad Ayyub. In this scheme, whichever patient comes, their surgery is done free of cost. Malik Mehak’s mother since 2000 has had a kidney problem. The patient’s daughter Malik said we used to go to a private hospital for her dialysis. There we had to give a lot of money. When my mother started using the Golden Card then it brought us relief. Her dialysis was done free. Tariq Ahmad Dar, another patient’s father says, the Golden Card has a lot of benefits. We must utilise it. This card is useful for those falling below the poverty line and who are not able to bear even a small fragment of the medical expense in a private hospital. He is thankful that the scheme is working in Budgam and people are able to derive benefit from it. Getting medical treatment and surgeries done at zero cost and nursing back to good health is a big plus point of the Golden Card.

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