Students at Walkathon 2023 in Kulgam raised awareness on the harmful impact of drugs

A Walkathon 2023 focussing on ‘One Earth-One Family=One Future’ was organised by the Department of Youth Services & Sports in Kulgam district of Jammu & Kashmir. Students from various schools participating in the Walkathon marched from the DC office to the stadium in Kulgam. They said this programme raises awareness on the harmful impact of drugs and to keep individuals away from the use of drugs. Drug addiction is one of the major social evils of society, voiced students. The youth should also give importance to sports apart from studies. Only studies are impacting their physical health. Sports are beneficial for everyone and all should participate in it. The combination of sports and studies brings good health and peace. The Walkathon in Kulgam aimed at creating awareness on how through indulging in sports one can stay away from the wrongful activities.

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