Renowned Kashmiri Poet Rasul Mir’s Day celebrated at Dooru

ANANTNAG, OCTOBER 10: J&K Academy of Art Culture & Language and District Administration Anantnag in collaboration with Bazme Mehmood Gami, Rasul Mir Forum today celebrated the Great Kashmiri Poet, Rusal Mir’s Day.
This day is dedicated to honoring the profound contributions of Rasul Mir as one of the most revered poets in the history of Kashmiri literature.
Rasul Mir born in the 17th century is known for his exquisite poetry that has continued to resonate with generations of Kashmiris. His verses are celebrated for their timeless beauty, rich cultural references, and profound wisdom, making him an iconic figure in the world of Kashmiri literature.
Deputy Commissioner (DC) Anantnag, SF. Hamid while speaking at the event said that “Rasul Mir’s poetry transcends time and continues to inspire us. His words reflect the essence of our culture and heritage, and it is our duty to preserve and promote his legacy for future generations.
He also threw light on different aspects of the life of the Kashmiri saints, Sufis, poets, writers and particularly on Rasul Mir. He said the area is lucky and fertile to have given birth to such poets as Rasul Mir, also known as John Keats of Kashmir.
The DC stressed upon the new generation to have due respect and regard for Kashmiri culture and language as Kashmir is having a rich civilized culture and promotion of this culture is the duty of every citizen.
He said that the District Administration is committed to highlighting the rich culture through such functions and days like this will also be celebrated in future.
Several poets from the region recited Rasul Mir’s poetry, bringing his words to life and allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the beauty of his verses. Eminent scholars and experts on Kashmiri literature held discussions on Rasul Mir’s life, work, and his significant impact on Kashmiri culture; moreover many Poets and Artists performances added a vibrant and cultural dimension to the celebrations.
The celebration of Rasul Mir Day at Dooru reaffirmed the enduring influence of this great Kashmiri poet and the importance of preserving and promoting Kashmiri literature and culture. It also served as a reminder of the rich literary heritage that Kashmir has nurtured throughout its history.
The programme was attended by Director Tourism, SDM Dooru, President MC Dooru, scholars, poets, Artists, students and locals.

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