Reasi’s Mobilising Democracy: The Journey of Polling Station Teams in Reasi and Gulab Garh

Today marks a pivotal moment in the democratic process as 36 polling station teams embark on their journey across the vibrant landscapes of Reasi and Gulab Garh. Their mission: to ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to exercise their right to vote, regardless of geographical barriers or logistical challenges. In the sprawling expanse of 15 assembly constituencies in Reasi and 21 assembly constituencies in Gulab Garh, these dedicated teams are the backbone of democracy in action. Some will travel on foot, traversing rugged terrain and remote villages, while others will navigate bustling urban centres, each with the same unwavering commitment to their duty. As the sun rises, these teams, comprised of police personnel, civil administration members, multi-tasking service providers, and Anganwadi workers, stand ready to serve their communities. With over 10,000 individuals mobilised across the district, the stage is set for a monumental day ahead. The logistics are meticulously planned, with every detail accounted for to ensure a seamless polling process. From the moment they report for duty at six in the morning to the dispatch at six in the evening, efficiency and precision are paramount. Despite the challenges of reaching remote areas and facing unpredictable circumstances, these teams are determined to fulfil their mandate with diligence and dedication. Their efforts are not in vain, as the successful administration of the force has galvanized enthusiasm and participation. The stage is set, not only for the polling teams but for every voter and resident of Reasi. Their collective voice will shape the future of the region, and their participation is vital in fostering progress and prosperity. Through tireless appeals over the past months, the call to action resonates once again: on April 26th, the doors of democracy stand open, inviting all to join in the celebration of the country’s festival of democracy. It is a call to come, to vote, to contribute to the nation’s journey forward, and to become partners in the shared vision of a brighter future for all.

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