Rail link in J&K to connect remote villages in Banihal to Baramulla and the nation

Our forefathers had seen a dream and we hope that the dream is fulfilled in the coming six to eight months, say locals of village Khari in Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir. With a train coming to Khari village they will get united to the nation via the rail link. We were facing a lot of difficulties because vehicles were not plying due to rocks, rain, bad weather etc and we used to sweat in the name of travelling. When the train starts running, all our problems will fade away, say the elderly locals of the village Khari. Earlier, if we had to go to Srinagar, we used to pay Rs 400-500 just to travel. Moreover, the journey itself took 1-2 days and we had to face traffic jams also. Now that the rail work is going on, we are looking forward to reaching Srinagar in a few hours. Now soon we will be able to go to Jammu and come back within a day. The train coming from Baramulla to Banihal will bring a lot of benefits for residents. We hope that the train even goes further connecting more areas so a lot many people can benefit from this public transport service. A local said it is a dream coming true of a train coming to Khari village. The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said that J&K for a long time had longed for this and today it is nearing completion. This rail link will join Kashmir to Kanyakumari, said the LG. It will also create new opportunities for employment. It will also provide a chance to the national and international tourists to see the beauty of the Kashmir valley in all its glory.

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