Paddy growers in Tral facing the problem of their next generation’s disinterest to work in fields

Today, the land has been reduced for cultivation as the population has increased, said Paddy farmers in the Tral region of Jammu and Kashmir. In those families where four people stayed now they are divided into four. The new generation cannot do this work and does not want to work in the fields. In our time, it was very easy to acquire land. The village people used to work together. At that time labourers etc. were not required to be employed. We did not hire any labour from outside. And the food was also made very well, in which Kashmiri Wazwan was there. People used to sing while working in the fields. This way work was easily done and the people working in the fields did not feel the burden of the work. Alas, today it has all ended. Now our children are not ready to work in fields, say old paddy farmers. The apple orchards which people have made if they ever have to cut it then paddy will never grow, warn the paddy growers. I used to grow paddies on my own. But I have become weak now with age and our children are not ready to take up this work, laments a paddy farmer in Tral. Nowadays, the population is increasing and people are constructing houses on the lands which is reducing the availability of fields, Tral paddy growers pointed out another problem that exists today.

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