New T5 Tunnel to end the highway fear of shooting stones in Jammu & Kashmir

Day and night work is going on for tunnel construction in Jammu and Kashmir. There were a lot of underlying problems like stones falling, jams, slides, etc. The T5 tunnel at the most vulnerable stretch of Panthyal in Ramban district will put an end to the threat of shooting stones which has taken numerous lives in the past. Before this, a temporary iron and steel tunnel provided some relief to travellers but the rolling stones were causing frequent disruptions in the traffic movement on the highway. Shooting stones damaged the crucial iron tunnel passage that lies en route to Kashmir, on the strategic Jammu Srinagar National Highway. This highway road is the lifeline of Kashmir with over 11,000 vehicles plying on a daily basis. A lot of tourists come to Kashmir so we are making all efforts to construct the tunnel by March 15, 2023. At the same time we will construct the bridge in one-two months so that people are comfortable travelling. To provide convenience to people, the administration and concerned departments are emphasising on the thorough completion of the tunnel project and to provide relief to people as soon as possible. To avoid the hazards of stone falling from the mountains, the tunnel work is being speeded up by the government.

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