LG Manoj Sinha inaugurates Jhelum Rajbagh Riverfront in Srinagar, says G20 preparations done well

The preparations for the G20 have been done very well by the administration and the local residents. If the message of the success of the event will go to the whole world, then tourism and investment will also increase, believes the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. Kashmir has a tradition of hospitality and the whole world will see that too. I am grateful to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving Jammu and Kashmir a chance to hold the G20 meeting, LG said. CEO Srinagar Smart City Athar Amir Khan said that G20 is a very important event for the whole UT. The whole city is ready and decked up to host the G20 event. Srinagar is known for its beauty, heritage, culture and hospitality, said the CEO Srinagar Smart City. And I’m sure the delegates will become ambassadors promoting the beauty, culture and heritage of this place. Talking about Srinagar Smart City projects, he said that they are going on in full swing. Some projects are completed like the Polo View Market, Abi Guzar Temple along with a public bicycle sharing facility and traffic management projects have been inaugurated. Today the Jhelum Rajbagh Riverfront project has been inaugurated which is a beautiful place where you can sit near the river, sip coffee, walk, cycle or drive around the riverfront. It has been planned and designed nicely. People are also happy to get such a place, the CEO said. The Lieutenant Governor inaugurating the Jhelum Rajbagh Riverfront extended his congratulations to the people of Kashmir. The six kilometre stretch has been made for the residents. Srinagar is situated around water bodies, he said. The cultural heritage and economy too depends on water. Srinagar Smart City has developed an international level space here in the Jhelum Rajbagh Riverfront. All kinds of facilities have been made available in it. Free Wi-fi for the youth, walking and cycling premises, are there. In the coming days, we will construct a library and cafe here. It’s definitely a commendable job, LG praised. He said that not only will we be able to preserve the cultural heritage, but the economy of Srinagar and Kashmir will also get a boost from the Jhelum Rajbagh Riverfront.

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