Kashmir has its own hydropower for electricity that can run for 7 months without outside supply

At a cost of one hundred and ninety-two crores, power sector projects were inaugurated which the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir , Shri Manoj Sinha dedicated to the public. The foundation stone of these power projects was achieved by the efforts of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The capacity we have achieved I consider unprecedented and historic, the LG said. He congratulated the engineers and officers. The hard work put in by them in difficult situations when it is snowing to provide electricity to people is praiseworthy. If we want a facility then we need to pay for it. Those who are not capable, who are poor, if capable people pay then we can give them electricity. But if those who are capable also do not give money then the facility cannot run. There were some fallacies here, he said. Kashmir has a hydropower and electricity is generated. If electricity is not supplied from outside Kashmir then Kashmir has 300 Megawatt capacity that can run for seven months. This fact people must know said the LG.

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