J&K shows the way. PM Modi’s vision of Viksit Bharat is a reality

Srinagar hosted a momentous gathering under the banner of the Viksit Bharat Ambassador or VBA 2024. Held at the prestigious Radisson Collection, the event served as a unique platform, bringing together diverse voices and perspectives to foster the nation’s collective advancement towards development. ‘The country is set to surpass Germany and Japan and will become the world’s third-largest economy by 2027-28,’ said Union Minister Hardeep Puri Viksit Bharat, translating to developed India, is not just a vision but a progressive blueprint actively being sketched across the nation, with a spotlight on Jammu & Kashmir. This strategic focus is rooted in harnessing local strengths and transforming them into opportunities that benefit the country at large. ‘Great nations are built on the strength of private initiative and enterprise. Salute the resilience of the business community of Kashmir, which has braved the oddest of odds’, said Shehla Rashid. Viksit Bharat J&K is pivotal in bringing to the forefront the latent potential within the region. By integrating local startups, youth initiatives & intellectual contributions into the broader national framework, the program aims to create a sustainable model of growth that is reflective of both local aspirations and national ambitions. The participation of key figures, such as Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, the Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs & Petroleum in Srinagar underlines the central government’s commitment. His interactions with the local entrepreneurs and businesses are intended to foster a dialogue that transcends traditional barriers, promoting a deeper understanding of the region’s unique challenges and prospects. As India approaches its centenary of independence in 2047, sectors like education, agriculture, and infrastructure emerge as critical pillars requiring steadfast focus and innovation. Each sector represents a crucial component of societal well-being and economic stability, necessitating targeted developmental policies and investments. In education, the emphasis is on enhancing accessibility and quality to produce a workforce capable of leading and sustaining economic growth. For agriculture, the focus shifts to modernization and sustainability, ensuring food security and the profitability of farming. Infrastructure development remains a cornerstone, aiming to improve connectivity and the efficiency of services across regions, thereby fostering a conducive environment for growth and development. Underpinning the developmental strategies are the overarching goals of environmental sustainability. The ‘Clean India, Green India’ campaigns are not just slogans but actionable agendas being pursued vigorously across J&K. These initiatives are critical in ensuring that the march towards development does not come at the expense of ecological balance. The youth of Jammu & Kashmir are particularly pivotal in this transformative journey. By involving them in governance and developmental processes, Viksit Bharat J&K nurtures a sense of ownership and responsibility towards their land. Government schemes tailored for youth and children are instrumental in this regard, aiming to equip them with the necessary tools to contribute effectively to their communities and the nation. While the vision is clear and the roadmap is being drawn, challenges in terms of infrastructure deficits and political stability remain. However, the rapid progress under PM Narendra Modi ‘s leadership provides a hopeful outlook for overcoming these hurdles. The continuous improvement of electoral processes and governance structures in J&K is also vital in ensuring that the region’s developmental needs are addressed transparently and efficiently. As India gears up for future electoral battles and continued governance challenges, the commitment to a developed and inclusive Viksit Bharat by 2047 remains unwavering. Jammu & Kashmir, with its strategic significance and rich cultural heritage, plays a crucial role in this initiative.

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