Indoor stadium in Srinagar hosted a lot of badminton matches played by females

Badminton is a very good sport both for girls and boys. It has a lot of benefits. We come after school hours around 3 pm straight to the indoor stadium where we get badminton coaching. All the others should also join some sports and utilise time in developing healthy sport activity rather than mobiles and drugs, said a badminton learner. A female badminton state player who has been playing for two years said a lot of improvement has come in Srinagar stadium. A lot of matches have been played here by females. Through these games we progress ahead. Sports help us to show our abilities. After the stress of school, in the stadium our minds open up. We have fun here. The exercises are good for us, making us physically fit. After the renovation, a lot of young children are coming to play which is a very good sign, said a coach. The Sports Council has also supported us a lot in providing shuttle corks and other facilities. The stadium remains open and children can come any time to practise apart from the fixed morning and evening hours.

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