India has the world’s most organised youth consciousness: J&K LG at Youth 20 event in Jammu

At Youth 20 Consultation, Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said that youth is the personality that is ready to change itself and the world. Youth is at that stage of life where creativity and energy are at their peak. They are able to solve problems in innovative ways. In the whole world, India will have the world’s most organised youth consciousness that can provide a foundation for global growth. In the last 8-9 years, the youth have felt the transformational change, realised their potential, a new kind of curiosity has arisen in them and the courage of new discovery is born in them. The world’s biggest skill development programme ran in our country. In view of the rapid changes taking place in the world economy, we are enabling our youth to set up startups, establish unicorns and be able to get or create jobs. Today we consider this knowledge economy as our coming future in which the biggest contributor will be India. With over ninety three thousand startups and more than a thousand and nine unicorns, our youth is their engine and their driving force. At a time when the global economic situation is worrying and in a fast growing market where people are stumbling, the success of these startups and the resilience of the Indian economy in the global economic development indicates the important role of India. India’s youth is looking towards the future and the progress of the past 8-9 years are encouraging them towards higher ambitions, to choose new paths and to set new goals of mutual cooperation. The dreams of the youth are being cherished not for India alone but for the welfare of the whole world. This should be the message of Y 20. By spreading this spirit among all the youth of the world in the real sense we would be able to establish a truly peaceful global village. A great responsibility has come upon the youth. In this journey, to give a basic shape to the new world system of ‘One World, One Future, One Family’ which is for the welfare of all mankind can be done with the feeling of peace, prosperity, friendship and cooperation that will expand the horizons of progress. Today the whole world is watching how after August 2019 under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi a new Jammu and Kashmir is rising. The biggest stakeholder of the new Jammu and Kashmir is the youth which can give a new direction to development. Everyday 580 youth are turning into entrepreneurs in Jammu and Kashmir and getting registered. I feel overjoyed to see this change in transformation of this land of sufis and saints and I can say without hesitation that Jammu and Kashmir is emerging as a noticeable narrative on bringing civility in the land that was once scarred and wounded by terrorism. People and especially the youth are fearlessly pursuing their dreams of economic development as part of a stimulus for aspirational society and basic fundamental rights like education, healthcare and employment and the pursuit of happiness are no longer hostage to violence, LG said.

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