High turnout and enthusiasm mark polling day in Baramulla

Today, we witnessed an inspiring scene, people standing in queues even before 7 o’clock in the morning. Many of those we spoke to mentioned that they are voting for the first time, expressing that this is a sign of change and a desire for a different future. Given the changing circumstances, people are seizing the opportunity to cast their vote. It is imperative for everyone to come out and vote, as this empowers them to select leaders who will best meet their needs. Voting is not only important for our country; it is our fundamental right. Overall, it can be observed that voting commenced at 7 am and is proceeding smoothly, with many individuals patiently waiting in line to cast their vote. This turnout suggests that the voting percentage is likely to be impressive, reflecting a strong engagement from the community. The enthusiasm and participation observed in Azadganj, Baramulla, are indicative of a vibrant democratic process. The high turnout and the eagerness of first-time voters signal a hopeful shift towards greater civic involvement and a collective aspiration for positive change.

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