Gudoora Halqa Panchayat nominated as a healthy panchayat for the Panchayat Awards 2022

The Health & Wellness Centre at Gudoora, Pulwama does the immunisation of children up to nine months. The immunisation programme happens every month on Wednesdays. Children are also administered vitamin doses from time to time. The service provided to children is good here. Blood sugar and blood pressure is tested here. Pregnant ladies also get good service at Gudoora Centre. Four to five consultations happen everyday, said ladies availing services here. Elders speaking about the centre said that there has never been a reported death due to delivery. No child has died of negligence here. It is a proud moment for us that this Halqa Panchayat has been nominated as a healthy Panchayat for the Panchayat Awards 2022. Our departments’ contribution has been immense. The prime focus of our department was on sanitation. Community sanitary complexes were constructed. We solved the grey water management problem. Cleanliness drives were started. Surroundings were made clean. We started awareness drives among people to change their attitude towards cleanliness and environment. We did a lot of activities like community-wise posters, community-wise awareness camps, among others. In the Friday congregations, the Maulvis were asked to spread information about cleanliness through their sermons.

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