Children of Kashmir take a pledge to protect mother Earth.

Earth Day event organized by the Girls Government High School in Kunzer. The focus of this event was on raising awareness about environmental issues, particularly pollution, and the role everyone, especially young students, can play in making a positive impact. On April 22nd, the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day, a special occasion dedicated to appreciating our planet and recognizing the urgent need to protect it. This year, the Municipal Committee of Kunzer, in collaboration with Girls Government High School, took a significant step forward by organising a rally aimed at educating and engaging our community about the critical issue of pollution. The rally was not just a demonstration, but a vibrant call to action. Students, teachers, and community members walked through the streets of Kunzer, urging everyone to reduce waste and increase efforts to keep our environment clean. The message was clear: each small step contributes to a giant leap towards sustainability. Our commitment must extend beyond a single day. As a community, we are encouraged to adopt practices that preserve and enhance our surroundings. Planting trees, for instance, goes beyond beautifying our spaces—it rejuvenates our air, contributes to biodiversity, and provides a healthier future for the next generations. Similarly, respecting water sources and avoiding pollutants protects the very essence of life on our planet. Here in India, a land of vibrant diversity and profound heritage, the Earth is considered as nurturing as a mother. Just as we honor our mothers with respect and love, so too should we care for our environment. It is a sacred duty to cherish and safeguard our planet, ensuring that it remains vibrant for all who dwell upon it. Let’s remember the rally’s call: avoid contributing to pollution in any form. Whether it’s the garbage we discard or the pollutants we allow to seep into our soil and water, each decision impacts our collective health and our Earth’s resilience. On this Earth Day, let us renew our pledge to make our country—and indeed the whole world—a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable place. Let’s move forward with hope and determination, knowing that together, we can overcome environmental challenges and secure a vibrant future for all. Together, we make a difference. Together, we protect our home. Together, we honour Earth Day, not just today, but every day.This message enhances the original themes of your rally, emphasising community involvement, the importance of sustainable practices, and a deeper cultural respect for nature, aligning these elements with a global call to action that resonates well beyond just one day.

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