CEO Srinagar Smart City rejuvenating 135 projects in Srinagar for its fast-track transformation

There are 135 projects under the Srinagar Smart City project, says Athar Amin Khan, CEO Srinagar Smart City project. Some of these projects have been completed but most of it is now under execution. Generally, these projects have been categorised into eight things. One of the important things is Jhelum Riverfront Development in Water Transport. in which we are upgrading a portion of River Jhelum which is in the old city from Old Zero Bridge. A proper landscaping of River Jhelum is being done and stone pitching and stabilisation of the slope is being done. Proper spaces for public recreation and public spaces are being created and carved and accesses to the riverfront are being routed. Proper accessible walkways and cycling paths are being made near the river. Beyond this stretch we have a number of 30-35 old carts. They are being restored and reconstructed. A number of these carts are being used for water transportation so water transportation points are also being developed. So on both sides of the river we have a number of important heritage structures including ancient temples and ancient shrines. Their restoration and heritage conservation is also being done. We are also in talks with an agency to run our public transport system, water based transport system in river Jhelum and also in Dal Lake. The most important work is the development of Jhelum riverfront. The left riverfront is almost complete, said the CEO. The right riverfront will take us little time. By July-August we should be able to complete the right riverfront as well. Another area of work is our Central Business District. The CBD area of Srinagar is the heart of commercial activity and tourist flow in the city. This includes Residency Road, the historic Lal Chowk, the Moulana Azad Road, Jahangir Chowk and many other allied parts. Work is going on on all these stretches. We are having a dedicated sewer and drainage lines laid and the entire road surface is being made uniform. All the utilities, whether electricity wires, high tension and low tension wires and communication wires are all going underground. So we will have a very smart distribution of utilities and electricity under this area. Then carriages are being made properly uniform, junctions are being designed for both pedestrian and vehicular movement. These can be used by the locals, citizens and tourists. MA Road is going to be our first complete street designed road and the first international class road in Srinagar city. Similarly, massive upgradation work is being done in Batamaloo area. At Batamaloo a huge market and craft centre is being created for shopping of handicrafts and dryfruits. Another important rejuvenation work is being carried out on Dal lake for its restoration. Most of the investments are happening around the lake. A walkway is being constructed from Dal Lake to Nishat. On Nishat Sathoo, a walkway and cycling space is being made. The whole precinct outside Nishat Garden is being redesigned, creating space for vehicles and pedestrians to move and cross for people to sit. There are proper embarking and disembarking points from a public transport view and parking spaces. At the northern riverfront, the walking space has been increased to 18 feet from the previous 1-2 feet on a stretch of five-and-a-half kilometres. We also have been working on Green Srinagar. We have done an upgradation of soil-based management infrastructure for Srinagar City. We are also planning to have incinerators for poultry waste and other animal caracasses in the city so that they can be effectively and properly disposed of. Last year, we planted four-and-a-half lakh plantations. We are going forward with that. We have installed a real time water quality monitoring system in the city for monitoring water quality of river Jhelum and Dal lake. We have identified five nodes in the city. We are also in the process of installing a noise monitoring system in the city. From a sustainability and climate point of view these infrastructures are being put into place so that the city has that resilience and that is set up for monitoring climate related issues. These are some of the massive improvements going on in Srinagar. Along the Airport road, proper footpaths are being made, work is going on at spaces in Gupkar road and junction and many such junctions in the city. Srinagar will be transformed by the end of this year. Work is going on round the clock. Projects are being monitored at all the levels and we are ensuring that these are timely completed. In fact, some of these projects would be the fastest executed projects given the pace with which these projects are being executed, said CEO Srinagar Smart City project, Athar Amir Khan.

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