90-yr-old Kashmiri man weaves chappals out of straw, keeping a tradition alive

In the 15th episode of his programme “Awaam Ki Awaaz”, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha applauded the centuries-old Kashmiri traditional handicraft work being kept alive by Bandipora’s 90-year-old man, Abdul Samad Ganie. Abdul, despite his advancing age, painstakingly weaves paddy straw to make handcrafted chappals called ‘pulhoor’. The LG stated that today, just like the other art forms, the market for these traditional straw footwear has fallen. In the yesteryears, these straw chappals were customary. He said that the efforts of this elderly man will surely bring results and teaches all of us to stay rooted through the medium of art. Abdul’s grandson spoke about his happiness and the proudness he feels about his grandfather’s work of handcrafting ‘pulhoor’ chappals being acknowledged and praised by the administration. He says, the ‘pulhoor’ chappals speak about the culture, tradition and art of Jammu and Kashmir. And this is the message his grandfather Abdul wants to pass on to the next generation about our ancient heritage and the purpose and story behind these ‘pulhoor’ chappals.

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