71st BN Mullik Memorial All India Police Football C’ship in J&K includes women for the 1st time

The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha congratulated the women’s team who participated in the 71st BN Mullik Memorial All India Police Football Championship match held in Jammu and Kashmir. He also congratulated the winners, players, coach and officers for the grand tournament. Winning and losing is a part of the game. Winning is not so important as it is playing with emotions. The teams from Assam and Mizoram displayed their skill which is commendable. This is the third time that Jammu and Kashmir is hosting the BN Mullik Football Championship. After 1951, this is the first time that women have been included in the tournament giving them rights and respect. The 71st BN Mullik Memorial All India Police Football Championship is being discussed all over the country today. Apart from the police and the security forces, the common people are also showing interest in it. Journalists are writing regular columns on the tournament. The columnist had written that in the coming years this tournament will be remembered for many years. This is a true tribute to daredevil police officer and spy master B N Mullik who gave strong and firm leadership to the Intelligence Bureau. This tournament is a small gratitude to his leadership. May this great tradition keep on going forever, said LG. And may it keep providing guidance to new generation police officers and soldiers, he said. The Central security forces and police under their guidance, leadership, discipline and enthusiasm and energy gives strength to the whole society. Whether it is nation building or social harmony and discussion of social development, the centres speak of the sacrifices of our brave soldiers and officers. साहिल के सुकूँ से किसे इंकार है लेकिन तूफ़ान से लड़ने में मज़ा और ही कुछ है आल-ए-अहमद सुरूर

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