1308 patients used Golden Card for free surgeries in Tral district hospital

The Golden Card is a good scheme that the government has given us under Ayushman Bharat PM JAY Sehat, people in Tral said. With the Golden Card we got our medicines free, said residents in Tral, Jammu & Kashmir. Our treatment is also free with the Golden Card. Every person should have this Golden Card. We can get our treatment free up to Rs 5 lakh, say Golden Card users. This is beneficial for people. Surgery can be free but the patient should have Golden Card. The benefits can be availed by newborns as well as old people in any hospital in India. Iin the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, around 70 percent people are taking full benefits of the Golden Card scheme, said an observer. For emergency surgeries, X Rays, tests and medicines, people do not have to pay out of their pockets as the Golden Card takes care of their medical needs. In Tral alone, around 1308 patients were admitted to the district hospital through Golden Card for operations like general surgeries, cataract surgeries, etc for free and this is how people are benefiting.

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