Young Kashmiri girl sets up a trout fish farm availing a govt. scheme

A rainbow trout fish farm in Pulwama is based on Recirculatory Aquaculture System (RAS) technology. This has been set up by young Entrepreneur Heena Pareh. Heena says, she used to go fishing with her father to Pulwama. In Pulwama you can catch golden trouts. She got the idea there of setting up her own fish trout farm. She told her father Abdul Rasheed about it and RAS technology. She needed the support of her father. Her father Abdul gave full support as she was also studying about it.

At her fish farm, Himalayan cold water trout fish is raised. Her fish farm is eco-friendly. There is no wastage of water, in fact water gets saved, says Reena. The water is recirculated and used again in the fish farming process, she says. Heena is thankful to the LG government. The officials came to visit her fish farm and motivated her and she is happy. Her father Abdul says, we would like to appeal with the LG government that we need a processing unit so that the fish produced can go out of this state to every other state just like our fruits, apples and vegetables go outside. Appreciating her effort, a Kashmiri man said that it is indeed a matter of pride that a girl has set up this trout fish farm unit in Kashmir. Her family supported her and the LG administration fully supported her. He said, government has many schemes, and awareness about each one of these schemes should be known to everyone so that people can benefit from them.

– News Desk, Kashmir Ahead

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