Empowering the Disabled in Kupwara region through relief camps

A Disabled Empowerment Camp was organised by the J&K administration in Kupwara from August 22- August 27, 2022. With the help of Indian Army, we first did the process of mobilisation of people with disabilities in the Kupwara neighbourhood of Jammu & Kashmir, says Praveen Karn, Group Head, CSR Spark Minda. After mobilisation, they were brought to the camps for registration. There were people whose legs were chopped off, or those who were polio stricken, and some who could not hear. All of them were provided with assistive aids. These differently abled people have their own UDID just like an Aadhar Card. We helped them in getting their unique cards made. An old disabled man in wheelchair said that the government is doing the treatment so we have come from far off places. Hopefully, the treatment will be done. Another patient waiting for his turn said the artificial leg will be of great help in letting go of dependency on other people and doing our work on our own. A middle aged man facing hearing issues said he heard that a team had come to Kupwara and they would give a hearing aid that will enable him to hear sounds. This programme is very beneficial especially for the lame people, said the attendant. Praveen said people come from far off rural regions of Kupwara with hope and it is our intent that they are benefitted.

Another government scheme Saksham is a MHRD Scheme which is being implemented by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), aimed at providing encouragement and support to specially-abled children to pursue technical education.

– News Desk, Kashmir Ahead

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