Uniting Words & Spirit:J&K LG Emphasises Power of Poetry & Culture at Cultural Karvaan, Virasat 2023

सिहाइयों के बने हब्रा होते हैं ये लोग रात में कागज़ कहाँ भिगोते हैं चमकती है सदियों से आंसुओं में ज़मीन ग़ज़ल के शेर कहाँ रोज़ रोज़ मिलते हैं Speaking at Cultural Karvaan, Virasat 2023, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said that there has been a tradition of Mushaira and Kavi Sammelan in our country. The biggest specialty has been that by exploring the energy of the new sea of words, the poets have distributed to the people by finding the energy of the new ocean of words and made a new way. Perhaps our country is the only country in the world where Sufis, poets, Shayars and saints are not seen separately but as one. And they’ve never discriminated in our country. I believe that both the saint and the poet are flowers of the same tree. And both are preparing the right path for humanity by becoming the mirror of the society. Our whole existence is full of poetry, LG said. And those who know how to peer into existence they catch hidden words even when words are not there. If I look at the country’s heritage from that point of view, when I look up to writers, artists and Shayars, I am convinced that Amrit Kaal will work with positive thinking to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the country. Our culture, our ancient heritage says that the biggest task of the world is to awaken the sleeping society. The song is hidden inside everyone. Music is within everyone, and ‘shers’ is on everyone’s lips. The desire to achieve success resides in the eyes. We just have to wake up the man and fill his breath with life. Then see, poetry will start emerging from every voice. LG said. May the inspiration of all of you, the energy of all of you, create a source of new ray of resolution every moment and create new awakening, LG said. He concluded with a few lines of poetry… जादा-ए-इश्क़ में गिर गिर के सँभलते रहना पाँव जल जाएँ मगर आग पे चलते रहना जल्वा-ए-अम्न तुम्हीं से है मोहब्बत वालो महर-ए-ताबाँ की तरह रोज़ निकलते रहना नग़्मा-ए-इश्क़ न हो एक ही धुन पर क़ाइम वक़्त के साथ ज़रा राग बदलते रहना ज़िंदगानी है फ़क़त गर्मी-ए-रफ़्तार का नाम मंज़िलें साथ लिए राह पे चलते रहना शकील बदायूनी

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