Two-months’ National Coaching Camp for Asian Games being held in Srinagar

A two-month National Coaching Camp in Srinagar has been organised for the preparation of Asian Games. Players from all parts of the country are participating in the coaching camp. Razina Tamania from Delhi is a Wushu player. Wushu is a Chinese mixed martial art, she says. This game is very good for girls as it can be used as self defence too. In today’s time, it is essential to learn the techniques of self defence, Razina opined. Many programmes are also held in schools with regards to Wushu. A Sureshi, another Wushu player from Manipur is preparing in Srinagar for the Asian Games. Hech Lang Tombidevi from Manipur is another female Wushu player. This game can be played by men and women, but In India we see more girls playing this game, said Hech Lang. It is a fine game for girls. For practice, here in Srinagar the weather is very good. All the other states in India are having hot weather. The atmosphere is good here so we can practise well, Razina says. There is a lot of discipline in martial arts. Whoever is on a wrong path, game is necessary to lead him on to the right path, said Sureshi, the male Wushu player from Manipur. We want to send out a message to all girls to play games and Wushu is a good choice for girls, Razina says. The most important thing is to maintain health. If health is there, everything can be achieved, said Sureshi. At the camp there is a good interaction between players, says athlete Hech Lang from Manipur. We have made friends at the National Coaching Camp in Srinagar.

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