Training & Distribution of Dhingri Mushroom Spawn Held in Galigadh, Trigam block of Kishtwar

KISHTWAR, JUNE 25: A training and distribution camp for Dhingri Mushroom Spawn was successfully conducted today at Galigadh area in the Trigam Block of district Kishtwar under the auspices of the Chief Agriculture Officer of Kishtwar, Amjad Hussain Malik.
The initiative was carried out in the presence of Block Development Officer Trigam, Chandan Manhas, following directives from Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar, Dr. Devansh Yadav, along with other officials from the Agriculture and Rural Development Departments.
The camp saw the distribution of Dhingri Mushroom Spawn to 20 farmers and members of self-help groups (SHGs) from the Galigadh area. This region, already renowned for its vegetable cultivation, stands to benefit significantly from the introduction of Dhingri mushrooms, potentially enhancing the income of local farmers.
During the training program, participants received detailed lectures on various aspects of mushroom cultivation. The training covered comprehensive procedures from growing mushrooms at home to establishing market linkages for selling their produce. This knowledge transfer is expected to empower the farmers to diversify their agricultural activities and increase their profitability.
The initiative aligns with the broader efforts of the local administration to support agricultural development and improve the economic conditions of farmers in the region. By introducing Dhingri mushrooms, the administration aims to provide farmers with an additional source of income, leveraging the favorable conditions of the area for mushroom cultivation.
Farmers expressed their gratitude towards the administration and the Agriculture Department for their continuous efforts to support and uplift the agricultural community. They appreciated the practical knowledge imparted during the training, which they believe will be instrumental in helping them adopt new cultivation techniques and improve their livelihoods.
As the program continues to unfold, it is anticipated that more farmers will come forward to participate in such training sessions, further strengthening the agricultural landscape of Kishtwar. The administration remains dedicated to providing the necessary support and resources to ensure the success and sustainability of these agricultural ventures.

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