The benefits of smart classes in modern education: A case study of Pahari hostel in Poonch

The advent of smart classes has significantly transformed the landscape of education. In the past, traditional teaching methods dominated, and there were no smart classes to facilitate learning. This scenario changed with the emergence of modern schools equipped with smart class technology, a transformation clearly seen in Pahari Hostel in Poonch. For many years, residents of Poonch, including those at Pahari Hostel, lived without the advantages of smart classes, which posed considerable challenges in conducting online classes. The absence of this technology made it difficult for both students and teachers to adapt to the demands of contemporary education. However, the installation of smart classes has revolutionized their approach to teaching and learning. Now, they no longer need a tutor for every subject and can comfortably study everything online. The installation of smart classes at Pahari Hostel has brought immense benefits. For a long time, students expressed the need for smart classes and online education. “The teachers made a formal request to the District Commissioner (DC), who approved their proposal and collaborated with NIIT to install smart class technology in the hostel. This advancement has enabled them to effectively clarify and reinforce the concepts taught to the children.” Initially, the teachers at Pahari Hostel took the lead in utilizing the smart classes to instruct the students. Over time, however, the students themselves have now become proficient in operating the technology. They independently access their lessons and engage in self-directed learning, demonstrating the empowerment that smart classes provide. The implementation of smart classes at Pahari Hostel in Poonch has had a profound impact on education. It has addressed the previous difficulties associated with traditional teaching methods and has empowered both students and teachers to embrace a more dynamic and interactive learning environment. The ability of students to take control of their education and learn autonomously is a testament to the transformative power of smart class technology. This development not only benefits individual learners but also represents a significant step forward for the educational standards in Poonch.

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