Strength of Kashmir Willow cricket bat tested at the T 20 World Cup 2022 match when a sixer was hit

After getting approval from ICC Gr8 bat gained entry into the 2021 World Cup match in Oman. Muhammad Naseem, age 39, right hand batsman hit a sixer in the World Cup. Again, our cricket batsman hit a sixer in the 2022 World Cup at Kardinia Park in Australia. He showed to the world his abilities making Kashmir proud. We showed to the world an alternative that is Kashmir Willow. Fawzul Kabir, MD, manufacturer of Gr8 Bats from Tral, Jammu and Kashmir says, we got everyone to recognise our strength in the T 20 match. The real test of a batsman is in the equipment he uses. In the One-Day International we want to show the strength of these bats through our batsmen. The GR8 bats are pocket-friendly and eco-friendly. In the cricketing world, our bat hit a sixer in the world cup. When people watch a game, they also do so from a business eye. After the world cup orders for bats poured in from several countries. Around 1, 15000 bats were exported. It gave a push to the economy of Kashmir and our income also rose. This is the impact of the Gr8 bat hitting a six in the world cup cricket match. We made a move to take the bats on international platforms in 2010. In these 11 years, we got the approval from the ICC and tried to make the bat come close to the international level. In Kashmir around 1, 50000 people are working in the bat making industry. In our Gr8 factory around 67 people are employed with us. Going forward, our intention is to deliver bats for the One-Day International and to show everybody that we are no less than anybody. Apart from that in Test Cricket the Gr8 bats should make a debut. And our exports should rise so that our economy also benefits. At a meeting with the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha we told him that our product is of an international level and we should be given opportunities to grow. We hope that replantation begins in our state Kashmir. Next we should be given representations in exhibitions, trade fairs and foreign delegation meets, said the MD of Gr8 Bats.

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