Shopian Farmer Thrives with Organic Vegetable Cultivation, Sets Example for Sustainable Agriculture

For four years, I have been growing vegetables and I have been seeing benefits said a progressive farmer, Harun Rashid in Vehil zone in Shopian district, Jammu & Kashmir. I do not have to go outside to do farming. I can grow vegetables on my terrace. It does not require much attention. Morning and evening little watering is required. The kitchen waste comes handy for feeding chicken and ducks. The waste that comes out from the poultry, that is potty, is used as manure for farming, said the farmer. The organic vegetables grown here are eaten by the whole family. The rest are sold which gives us income. We get earnings around 50, 000 to 70,000. The income is increasing day by day. These vegetables are grown without fertilizer and insecticide, said the farmer. These are pure organic vegetables. I grow different qualities in brinjals, yellow, green and black. I also grow green, yellow and red capsicums. I also grow Pipli chillies and four-five varieties of tomatoes, including red cherry tomatoes. I am grateful to the Department of Agriculture & Farmer’s Welfare, Vehil Zone who give us seeds and guidance. We are also called for training two-three times a year. Those who do not have land or even terrace, they can grow vegetables even on stairs, said the Shopian farmer. With a little effort people can grow organic vegetables for their families and also raise their income level.

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