Road connecting Budgam villages helps farmers to carry their produce on vehicles

In Budgam district of Jammu & Kashmir, the locals are happy that the road given by the government under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) scheme is getting constructed for the benefits of the common man. Another local residing in Budgam, Uved says, since childhood I have seen it for the first time that this road is getting constructed. He says we will be benefitted as we can carry our produce on vehicles. Earlier, we used to load on our shoulders as no vehicle came by close in the absence of a road. Abdul Rashid Najar, another local says, due to snowfall, the road used to get blocked for almost three days causing a lot of problems to us. For the first time I have seen the road getting macadamised here since my birth in this place. We are very happy, Abdul remarked. Junaid Aziz, Assistant Engineer PMGSY, Budgam says, the road construction in stage I is eighty percent complete. We are in stage II of macadamisation. Till now, we have completed 40% of our work. The road will be connecting so many villages and their paddy lands and orchards. For stage I construction the cost was around Rs 311 lakh. In stage II the project cost is Rs 200 lakh. It is a total Rs 5 crore scheme with stage I and stage II costs included. Mushtaq Ahmed Bhat, a local of Budgam says, earlier we used to carry the crop produce on our own shoulders. Now, we carry on vehicles thankfully because of the road constructed by the government. The locals also want the government to connect the offbeat tourist villages with macadamised roads.

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