How this Government Model School in Budgam is better than private schools

In Budgam district, there are just three higher secondary schools that are model schools. Huma Meer, Principal of Government Model Higher Secondary School says, she took many steps to ensure that her school is a model school in true sense and not just by name. Around 800 students are studying in this school guided by a staff of around 45 people, including teachers and non-teaching staff. Teachers are 32 in numbers who teach three streams: Commerce, Arts and Science. More than 100 students are in classes 9 and 10th. A teacher at the Government Model School says, this school is equipped with adequate building and facilities for the students. The students participate in various sports and have won many awards and name for the school and this is a result of the hard work put up by teachers here. The students appreciate the work of teachers and especially of the school principal Huma Meer, who has transformed the school to benefit the students. Students enrolled here would like other parents and students to visit the school to get an understanding of how well the school functions in grooming the children. Principal Huma Meer says, each area of the school, be it classrooms, refreshment room, recreation room, canteen, or library gives the impression of a private school and not a typical government school that lacks in infrastructure and facilities. My aim is to make this government school far better than any private school so much so that students get impressed at the first sight of the school. The students must feel and say that it is truly a model school, we do not need to put words in their mouth, said the principal. And this is how the principal of Government Model Higher Secondary School in Budgam is trying her level best to keep raising the rank of her school.

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