Fog spoils fun as tourists hope to see snow in Kashmir

Foggy weather can be seen covering the Kashmir Valley. Commuters have to put on their lights and indicators during daytime to tackle the fog so that they can navigate forward. Snowfall brings tourists here and the tourism department gets busy and our homes also depend on the tourists. The whole economy is dependent on tourism. For the commoners too, their homes run and fire burns in their kitchen because of the tourists. A group of five tourists who were in Kashmir at the time were hoping that it would snow so that they could see the beauty of the Valley. Currently, the view was getting hampered by the fog enveloping the area. They stayed at Dal Lake but there was so much fog that it was not possible to perceive its beauty. More tourists hoped that it would snow in Kashmir as their children wanted to see and feel the snow. They were heading to Gulmarg hoping for snow there. The locals also hoped that snow would arrive soon so that they too get a chance to earn something as tourism plays an all too important role in the Valley. The local drivers too hoped that it would rain or snow so they get a relief as driving is not easy in the thick fog.

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