Renewed Cooperative Institutions can lead J&K societies to be the means of socioeconomic development

The formation of the Ministry of Cooperation took place in 2021 to strengthen cooperatives, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. Under the guidance of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India’s Cooperative Minister, Amit Shah, it is a significant step to enrich the spirit of cooperation in the country’s economy, especially the village economy, LG said. The historic move of a separate ‘Ministry of Cooperation’ was created by the Modi Government for realising the vision of ‘Sahkar se Samriddhi’. It creates a confidence in the 13 crore residents of Jammu and Kashmir that their role can be important in making the country prosperous. Jammu and Kashmir’s Cooperative Department started an online registration last year in 2022. From April 2021 around 1006 cooperative societies have been registered in 2022. Two hundred and seventy seven cooperative societies were registered just within 10 days during the Back to Village Programme, said LG. Mostly the Cooperative Societies are in the areas of Dairy, Poultry, Agriculture, Consumer Housing, Health and Education. I am sure that in the times to come, these will be the most suitable means of socioeconomic development. I think we all are determined to build a prosperous Jammu and Kashmir. But without a prosperous rural Kashmir, we cannot imagine a prosperous and strong Jammu and Kashmir, LG said. This will be realised only when new life and energy will come in Cooperative institutions. With the spirit of cooperation, we will move forward in the journey of development, only then will we be able to achieve this goal.

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