Gymnastics is the mother of all games: Rhythmic Gymnast Bavleen Kaur, Jammu

Bavleen Kaur is an International gymnast from Jammu and Kashmir. She has won four bronze medals, finishing third in the rhythmic gymnastics event at the Emirates Cup in Dubai. She won fifth position in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Thailand Open at Bangkok. Bavleen Kaur acquired the number 1 rank and represented India in 38th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship. Her father Rajinder Singh introduced her to sports at the age of eight. He used to take her to a sports stadium in Jammu and Bavleen started liking gymnastics. From that day on, she started learning gymnastics. Her mother Manpreet Kaur says her husband took Bavleen to the stadium everyday. He used to keep standing there waiting for his daughter to finish her gymnastic lessons to take her home. Mother Manpreet said if the child is interested in the sport then it turns out well. So we never forced Bavleen. We never made her choose between education and sports. In fact, we want her to do the best in both. As parents we should never demoralise our children, says gymnast Bavleen’s mother. In India, Bavleen is the face of rhythmic gymnastics with her wondrous performance in the ball, ribbon, clubs and hoop. Inadequate sport facilities did not deter her from her goal. Gymnastics is the mother of all games, says Bavleen. Rhythmic gymnastics is a female-oriented sport. Sports give women a sense of freedom. Bavleen’s daily practice begins in the morning and after a break there is another practice session in the evening between 4-8 pm. Her focus is always on the bigger picture. She represented India at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. She says the Government support is increasing from the previous years. The Khelo India scheme has supported sports persons all over India. In the Khelo Youth Games of 2019, she bagged five medals– three gold and two silver. Her father Rajinder says, Bavleen has won numerous medals in the national and international category. Bavleen Kaur was selected to represent the country in the 38th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in 2021 in Japan. Gymnast Bavleen Kaur has made Jammu & Kashmir proud by winning medals at national level.

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