Rehearsal for 10th International Yoga Day held at Sports Stadium Doda and Tourist Gatha Park Bhaderwah

DODA, JUNE 19: In preparation for the upcoming 10th International Yoga Day, a rehearsal session was conducted at Sports Stadium Doda and Tourist Gatha Park Bhaderwah, here today.
The event aimed to ensure seamless coordination and preparation for the main event scheduled on June 21, 2024.
The session held at Sports Stadium Doda, witnessed enthusiastic participation from yoga practitioners and instructors from across the region, demonstrating their dedication to promoting the ancient practice of yoga despite the current challenges.
Meanwhile, at Tourist Gatha Park Bhaderwah, the event attracted a large turnout of participants from various backgrounds, who gathered amidst the scenic beauty to engage in yoga asanas and breathing exercises.
As preparations continue for the main event on June 21, District Administration Doda extends its gratitude to all participants, instructors, and volunteers for their active involvement and support.
The forthcoming celebration promises to be a testament to the transformative power of yoga in fostering holistic health and unity.

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