Ramban: Labour Department hosts awareness programs on Maternity Benefit Act

RAMBAN, JUNE 07: An informative session about the Maternity Benefit Act of 1961 was conducted today at Ramban National Academy. The program saw active participation of female employees of the school.
A dedicated team from the Labour Department, led by Assistant Labour Commissioner Amit Kumar, spearheaded the awareness session aimed at enlightening the female staff about their rights and benefits under the Act.
Key aspects of the Maternity Benefit Act were discussed, including the duration of maternity leave, the Act’s applicability, wage payment during the leave period, provisions for medical bonuses, and the role of employers and inspectors. The session also covered the penal provisions applicable in case of violation of the Act.
The employer of Ramban National Academy was asked to adhere strictly to the Act’s provisions and guide female staff members in availing the benefits. The session concluded with a question-and-answer segment where different queries from the attendees were addressed promptly.
A similar session was held at the District Employment & Counselling Centre in Ramban, where over 20 female entrepreneurs received training from the JKEDI Ramban. The Assistant Labour Commissioner discussed various provisions of the Maternity Benefit Act, resolving doubts and clarifying the Act’s applications for the entrepreneurs.
The ALC emphasized that the Labour Department is committed to addressing any grievances from female workers in the district and is dedicated to ensuring the effective implementation of the Act for the welfare of female workers.

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