Pulwama woman starts agriculture farming and expands business to poultry, dairy and fish farming

I started agriculture, says Syed Shazia Lateif, a progressive farmer in Pulwama district of Jammu & Kashmir. We took time from the Exotic Department of Agriculture. The department was very supportive. I feel they encourage women a lot who come forward. We had been doing the conventional method of farming, doing it the traditional way. I brought a modern touch to farming. Syed Shazia’s husband says they got married in 2018 and after marriage, Syed Shazia, his wife started taking interest in agriculture farming. He says with the grace of the Almighty, it is she who is completely running the farm. Today, people have become health conscious, says Syed Shazia. Keeping this in mind, she grows around 12 varieties of exotic cultivation. Lettuce, green cabbage, iceberg lettuce and broccoli among other vegetables are grown by her. This is her second crop this year. From the first crop, she sold vegetables for around 3 lakh rupees. Pulwama folks say she has all kinds of vegetables, cauliflower, cabbage and other exotics which she grows herself. She also has a poultry farm, a dairy farm and a fish farm.

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