Pulwama Students Embrace ‘Mera Desh Meri Pehchaan’, Aspiring to Contribute & Excel in India’s Growth

This programme ‘Mera Desh Meri Pehchaan’ is a very good programme, said students in Pulwama. The programme creates awareness in children about India’s education, culture and beauty. Our country is the best because of the developments here, the education drive and push towards technology, said a student. When I grow big, I too want to contribute for the nation. My name will also be taken with pride. We take the name of APJ Abdul Kalam with pride. I want to do the thing that makes our country rise, said an aspiring student. We saw many cultures of the Indian state in this programme. It felt like we were there and we had a lot of fun. Programmes like these should happen. It makes us proud that we are Indian citizens. Our country is progressing day by day so our youth should obtain maximum education. And our youth should avoid bad deeds like drugs. The children here should pay attention to technology and concentrate more and more on their studies. And they should take care of their country. India gave a successful Moon mission becoming the first country in the world to soft land on the south pole of the Moon. India’s success happened only when we got education, surmised a student. To achieve something like Chandrayaan-3 we need to study well and then only we can surpass other countries. I request you all to stay with your country, the one who stays with the country will be successful, Pulwama students shared their understanding.

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