Banmass Tradition: A Legacy of Generations Bringing Hindus Together for Pind Daan & Worship in J&K

I am a resident of Jammu. This tradition has been going on for years followed by my grandfather, father and now myself. This is the fourth generation sitting here. Those Hindus in Kashmir, Jammu, Delhi or even foreign countries are coming here to do shradha. The name is Banmass. Everyone comes here to do pind daan and flow it in the Ganges. It is called Banmass, Lavanmass, Purushottammass. People come here from far. Lord Vishnu has given boon to Sun God. Those who die premature death their solution is sought here. There are two places in the country, one is here and the other is in Gaya. In the Martand month lakhs of people come from far. Its history is written in RajTarangini, Kalhan etc. It is a famous temple. Like other teerth places Haridwar, Ganga, Prayagraj, Nasik, Godavari it is also counted in pilgrimages. Like the Kumbh takes place every 12 years in these places, here after every two and-a-half years Kumbh takes place. This Kumbh is related to Surya Narayan, it is called Martand.

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