Over 100 students participated in science, environment state level competition in Budgam

At the Govt Girls High School, Nowpora, a state level science, maths and environmental education zonal level competition was being held. More than 50 schools are participating in the zone, said the school authority in Beerwah, Budgam. She said she was excited to see so many models and participation of more than hundred students. They have made such beautiful models with so many innovative ideas. I would like to call these students young scientists, said the school authority in Budgam, Jammu and Kashmir. Their fertile minds have used innovative techniques which can improve our human lives if it is worked upon. And further new innovations can happen. One male student had made a model on preventing accidents on blind corners of roads while driving. This model had the potential to reduce the number of accidents to nil. Another model prepared by girls showed major environmental problems existing in society. They compared the problems to before industrialisation and after the industrialisation period and what are the changes that affected the environment. Before the industrialisation period, glaciers were there, afforestation existed in great numbers, animals liked living in jungles and people lived their lives well. After industrialisation, population increased tremendously because of which to fulfil their needs people had to go to jungles, started cutting trees, deforestation happened, industries and factories increased in great numbers, the smoke from these industrial units affected the glaciers and started melting them, with disappearing forests animals started coming to cities giving rise to man-animal conflicts. Pollution started increasing as we humans are using polythene.The main aim is to show how to control the environmental problems.

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