Making Pulwama Garbage-free | Muncipality Carries out Swachhata Hi Seva Campaign | J&K

Pulwama Municipality carried out Swachhata Hi Seva campaign in true spirit to make the district garbage-free. ‘Clean Pulwama Swachh Pulwama’ campaign was led by the administration and citizens in respect of the PM campaign ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ for garbage-free India that has been going on from September 15-October 2, 2023 is being held in Jammu and Kashmir with full gusto. Citizens in the rally said, they also want to see Pulwama clean. Special sanitation drive is intended to make the district clean. The administration requested the traders to keep the surrounding areas of their shops clean. We request home owners to throw garbage in dustbins. They should not throw on the roads and streets. This is a good initiative as the public is becoming aware. Our children go abroad and notice how the foreign cities maintain cleanliness. Charity begins at home. When we keep our houses and surroundings clean then we will get to see a clean society, said officials. It is good for individuals to breathe in a clean environment. Dirt must be removed at all costs. My request would be to make this program successful at every level. People must donate labour on 1st October. Everyone should participate in this wonderful theme so that we can control filth. We welcome the programme by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said Pulwama officials and residents.

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