LG Sinha Leads Shramdan | Swachhata Drive at Dal Lake | J&K Achieves ODF+ Status in All Villages

LG Sinha Leads Shramdan | Swachhata Drive at Dal Lake | J&K Achieves ODF+ Status in All Villages The Lt Governor Manoj Sinha participated in one hour of citizen-led Shramdan for Swachhata at Dal Lake, Srinagar. Before Bapu’s birth anniversary, Jammu and Kashmir has become the first state or Union Territory in the country to achieve ODF+ status in 100 percent villages, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha while doing ‘shramdan for swachhata’. With the vision of cleanliness and ideal village, the land of Jammu and Kashmir is displaying new heights of possibility with faith in the souls and new strength. Both the citizens and administration of Jammu and Kashmir seem to be committed to making every village of Kashmir a dream village, said the Lt Governor. The way we see the environment around us becomes the experience of our life. And that is why our culture says that when we keep the villages and localities clean, then every person living there is filled with happiness. I believe that cleanliness is the door to reach closest to God and apart from service, there is no other shortcut to reach Him, LG said. Under the guidance of the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in the last 9 years, through Jan Bhagidaari cleanliness has taken the form of a big mass movement with public participation. I congratulate the citizens who have set new standards for keeping the cities and villages clean through their hard work. I would like to request every person of the society, to every family today, not just for one day but for as long as possible, use your life power to clean up your surroundings and the neighborhood because this is the greatest happiness, LG said. Our aim in the next one year is to make all the cities and villages of Jammu and Kashmir garbage-free. And to ensure that no one pollutes rivers and lakes. Your cooperation in this campaign will be a true tribute to respected Mahatma Gandhi. With collective participation, in just two years, the Dal Lake, as shown in front of you, has improved enough and everyone who was involved in its cleaning got success in doing so. If we think of preserving the other lakes and rivers of Jammu and Kashmir along with this tradition, I feel that it will be a true tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. I would also request all the schools, colleges and private institutions to come forward and run cleanliness campaign throughout the year. Cleanliness drive is not a program of any individual, organisation or government. Rather, this is a program of the entire society, LG said. Cleanliness is the first step towards building a modern society and I urge all of you to cooperate and contribute, the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha said doing shramdan on 2023 Gandhi Jayanti.

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