LG Manoj Sinha visits border village Akhnoor to give people access to drinking water

I agree that border villages are a shining crown on India’s forehead. The honourable Prime Minister every time says and emphasises this that border villages must see a new sunrise. Jammu and Kashmir is trying to bring to reality the dreams of the PM, said the Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha while inaugurating a water project in Akhnoor, Jammu and Kashmir. New consciousness, new energy and new enthusiasm should be awakened in border villages. And my personal experience as I interact with people, every time I feel the same thing, LG said. If facilities are increased in rural areas also, definitely the people of the village can also live peacefully, happily and prosperously. I am happy that people’s representatives are also actively working with the administration, LG said. Around 92,554 projects have been completed. Previously only 9000 projects used to get completed. Road repair scheme, macadamisation scheme, and for har ghar sapna 199,500 houses under PM Awas Yojana have been given to Jammu and Kashmir. Out of which, more than 19,000 have been given to Jammu district. Those who do not have land, the government will give land and the benefit of PM Awas Yojana. The first responsibility of the society is towards the poorest man. He should have the first right of government resources, LG said. This is what the PM instructs time and again. The biggest work is the ‘Nal se Jal’ scheme. Around 55 litres of water every household is getting. With the completion of the water project villagers in Akhnoor can have access to pure drinking water. LG said that half of the population in J&K are our sisters. Prosperity will come in the family only when they move towards financial independence. Training programme has been made by the DC Jammu. I hope women in great numbers take the training, LG said. The LG hopes to see augmentation in the training capacity so that women can be equal to men, then they too can contribute in the development of the family and society. LG stated how with the yellow revolution in Jammu and Kashmir with mustard plantation, yield has increased and the cultivation area has increased by 30%. Mustard cultivation is useful in J&K, LG said. There is scarcity of fodder here. Among the 29 schemes of holistic agriculture, one is related to fodder in which J&K will be self-reliant 80-85%. We are becoming self-sufficient in edible oil. Only 40% mustard gets converted into oil. The rest of the oil cake becomes fodder. Another benefit is that honey bees arrived a month early. Those who are into honey bee making business will reap huge benefits. I want to request the educated youth that today’s technology is out of date tomorrow so we need to accept this challenge, LG said He said to the youth, do something yourself, do something new. Under PM Mudra Yojana, for up to Rs 10 lakh, there is no need to give any collateral. In the villages, youth can start easily with 10 lakh and give employment to one or more people. We need to think in that direction too, LG said. Jammu and Kashmir’s prosperity and peace is the resolution of the J&K government and the wish or instruction of the PM. LG is visiting for the first time here in Akhnoor, said village locals. The villagers are happy water is coming to the thirsty, earlier the thirsty used to go in search of water. The landowners, the small families, everyone is happy that LG came to Akhnoor.

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