LG Manoj Sinha launches 3 farmer-friendly upliftment initiatives for systemic transformation of J&K

Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha launched three significant initiatives, ‘Kisan Sampark Abhiyan’, Daksh Kisan (Skilling of farmers) and Kisan Sathi (IT Dashboard for digitisation of services for farmers) for effective and efficient implementation of projects under Holistic Development of Agriculture & Allied Sectors in Jammu. Speaking at the launch, he said around seventy percent of the population of Jammu and Kashmir is associated with farmers and the allied industry and with the objective of increasing the salaries of farmers and making them the engine of the economy, in July after inviting agricultural scientists along with the Vice Chancellor and the faculty of the agricultural university and officers of the Agriculture Department a committee was formed that started work on it. After deep thought 29 projects were chosen. This is not a vision but a mission which we will try to implement on the ground in the next five years, LG said. Special attention has been paid to establish such a system related to agriculture and trade that in future for the next 25 years of Amrit yatra Jammu and Kashmir acts as the foundation of the country’s transformation. This commitment is not just to transform the lives of 13 lakh farmers but to transform the system of Jammu and Kashmir and to change the situation. I think a new revolution is being born in the direction of this change. LG said. From April 24- August 31, 2023 in all the Panchayats of Jammu and Kashmir by establishing direct contact with farmers we are making them aware about holistic development of agriculture and allied sector’s 70 programmes and the 18 Centrally sponsored schemes for farmers. Farmers who want to be a part of these schemes will be guided. Special care has been given on how to get the schemes out from the files in offices and programmes to get shape on ground in the farmers’ fields. We are preparing them for new possibilities and challenges. Every effort will be made to teach them farming through digital technology and how to make farming an easy and profitable business. The IT dashboard will help farmers in registration and credit providing facilities without any hassles. These three campaigns for farmer-friendly changes are historical for Jammu and Kashmir. This is for the overall development of farmers. It will make them efficient and effective but for the small and honest farmers, it will bring a big positive change in the life of last mile farmers by increasing their productivity and income. The administration’s programmes like dairy, enterprise etc in the beginning are like seeds. It is the responsibility of all the stakeholders to grow and develop it. The seed will rot if kept in a vault. The same seed if sprinkled on the fields will turn into swaying crops, LG explained. To include the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir among the richest farmers of the world, the programmes of Jammu and Kashmir if implemented in the right manner on the fields will expand the possibilities of those seeds. The LG requested all the representatives and stakeholders, DDC, BDC, Panchayat and the rich and progressive farmers and politely demanded from them that it was their moral obligation to get involved in this programme. In the lives of the weakest and most deprived section of the society, if we can bring meaningful and happy change, then we are going to do something bigger and more sacred than worshipping in a temple or worshipping in a mosque, LG remarked.

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