LG Congratulates Meritorious Students in J&K, Emphasises Each Unique Talent & Their Future Potential

The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha attended the Meritorious Student Felicitation Ceremony (Medhavi Chhatra Samman) in Kashmir. He congratulated them from the bottom of his heart and wished them a bright future. It is not the purpose of this competition to judge one student by the talent of another student, LG pointed out. And I believe so. I believe that every person and every student has a natural and unique quality, a talent. And the teacher’s job is to elevate his talent in the right direction, LG said. Natural talent is like a diamond buried in the ground. And to make a diamond shine it has to be cut. Likewise, these are our children, they are all like diamonds. And it’s up to us how well we carve them, LG said. The one that gets cut the most is able to fetch 98% marks. One thing I want to say to children that there is no need to get bothered by the numbers you get. You are studying, you should top, it is important that you get good marks. But the way the world is changing, I guess numbers don’t matter, LG said. That’s why if the numbers have come less, no child should take the mental burden of it on his mind. He shared that many influential people in the country, in the world, they have not got great numbers. Those who had more practical knowledge have contributed more. I believe that the way our girls are leading innovation and development in Jammu and Kashmir these days, these meritorious girls are going to make an important contribution in the days to come, LG stated. Children, this meritorious honour is a new beginning for you, LG said. I hope that your dedication and hard work will make you successful in the future with your enthusiasm. And like I said before, we will celebrate 2047, the founding year of Independence of the country and at that time all of you will contribute a lot in building a developed India, the Lieutenant Governor said to the meritorious students in Kashmir.

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