Kulgam Drug Deaddiction Centre providing IPD care for full recovery from drugs abuse

Drug Deaddiction Centre in Kulgam treats all those patients involved in drugs like heroin, cannabis, charas and ganja. Mostly heroin patients come to the centre who are IV drug abusers who are mentally unsound and disturbed. Both IPD and OPD treatments are provided at the centre. Our goal is to make the patient recover completely in one-two or six months. We make sure that the patient does not fall into the trap again and this is our main motive. We prepare a proper rehabilitation programme for such patients. The patients who remain distracted from normal activities, we try to bring them closer to entertainment and recreation activity, taking care of their proper medication, food, shelter and we also try to give them some life skill training. Till now we have treated around 140 patients at the centre in IPD. There is a monthly follow-up programme where we do home visits or through phone calls. The recovery programme is all documented. The Kulgam Drug Deaddiction Centre doctors want to give this message to parents that please get early intervention if you notice your child is into drugs. In the early stages recovery from drugs becomes easy with the help of medical treatment. After getting into the habit for 10-12 years, then the patient has a lot of trouble quitting it. A youth drug patient tells how he recovered from the habit after getting treated at the centre.

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