Tral calligraphy artist gets gold at India Book of Records 2022 for smallest shikara in Mandala art

I am a self taught calligraphy Mandala artist, says 24-year-old Mahira Shah from Pinglish Tral in Jammu and Kashmir. She wants to promote Kashmir through her art. She has made Kangra, shikara, chinar in Mandala art calligraphy. She fetched a gold medal from the India Book of Records 2022 for making the smallest shikara in Mandala art. Mahira said she has been nominated for the International Book of Records. Within a month she hopes to get another gold medal. Mahira’s family members say that she was interested in painting when she was quite young. She was drawn towards calligraphy and then she found her peace in Mandala art. Her family members supported her all through and say that whoever has talent must show it. Mahira revealed her interest when she was in class five. When she started progressing on her own, her father started supporting her. Now she is at a stage where she is her father’s pride. Mahira’s father says children must also take steps forward with their talent so that they have their parents’ support.

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